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New Media Rising

August 21, 2007

This is a very interesting piece in the New York Times about Internet portals becoming less important when it comes to people finding what they need online, instead people are turning to social networks, blogs, news collectors, among others.  I’ve seen this happeing for a while, I’ve seen it on Twitter, Jaiku, Myspace, Facebook, and other less known cyber spaces such as Jump Cut, MoBuzz TV, Mesmo, among others. Here is part of the article:

As advertising is moving from offline media to the Internet at a rapid clip, portals, which command some of the biggest audiences online, should be among the top beneficiaries. Instead, the travails of the mass market portals like AOL, as well as Yahoo and Microsoft, indicate a decline in power….

…Part of the challenge for portals is that people are starting to approach the Internet in a different way. A new generation of Web users has grown increasingly adept at finding what it wants online and is less reliant on portals for guidance. What is more, younger audiences are spending more time on social networking sites and less time on traditional Internet portals.

…Social networking sites are not the only culprits. Thousands of smaller Web sites, like blogs, news collectors and niche content sites, are also attracting growing numbers of Internet users and advertisers.

That’s right guys!

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