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Copyright, Both Sides of the Story

August 26, 2007

This is a very interesting commentary about the state of copyright, it shows both sides of the story.  

In this vid they talk about how much money the music industry has lost and how many jobs are no more because of people stealing music on the internet.   How come they never talk about all the money the music industry has stolen from the artists? How about those horrible record contracts where the label owns everything except your soul? I have a couple of friends that had such contracts, and I am talking about friends with Grammy awards and all the experience you could imagine as an artist.  How about the industry suing 11 year olds for downloading music? Shame on them, shame on them.

Record companies don’t understand the new dynamics of this new internet generation.  I agree that musicians have to be paid for their work,  if I asked any of you to come in to work next week and work for free  you’d probably say no.  The same works for musicians, they have to get paid too.  However, whatever music an artist creates is more like a commercial these days,  a way to advertise yourself and your music.  You might not make that much money selling your music but you will surely build a following and find ways to monetize it. 

A couple of months ago I worked on a project for the Hispanic ad agency The Bravo Group,  I had to edit the music of a well known group in Uruguay called No Te Va a Gustar.  Sears paid a very nice amount of money for the right to utilize their music for a month and a half on a series of Sears spots.  Not a bad way to make quick easy money for artists.  Like I said, there are other ways to make your money and I encourage all artists to explore other avenues for doing so and forget about the record companies. 

I would love to hear from all of you what you think regarding this very controversial subject. 

Power to the people!!!  

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