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I-Phone Bill (The Power Of One)

September 1, 2007

 This is a very important video made by I-Justine (video blogger) about 2 weeks ago after she received a 300 page I-Phone bill.  For a few days this vid was in the Google top 10 and received over 600,000 views.  Because of I-Justine’s video AT&T is no longer going to send people 300 page telephone bills.  That shows you the power every single one of us has in this new era of communications.  Armed with just a computer, a camera, and an internet connection, people like Justine Ezarik can make a difference in the world and make a large corporation such as AT&T change their ways.  For the first time in history we the people have the responsibility and opportunity to tell the big boys what we want and not the other way around. Let’s keep it up! 

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