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Backstage At The Orishas Concert (Nokia Theatre New York City) 10.08.07

October 9, 2007

I can’t begin to say enough good things about the band Orishas , I checked them out live at NYC’s Nokia Theatre.

Orishas is a group that blends hip hop and rap rhythms with traditional Cuban music.

This was the kind of concert that you go to and you don’t know any of the songs or lyrics, but the melodies are so good that you find yourself singing along the hooks with the rest of the dedicated fan audience. If anybody outthere reads this post and know that Orishas is coming to your neck of the woods, please do yourself a favor. Find out where tickets are being sold and just go.

Thanks to Analia Garcia (singer / producer) and the whole team at Elias Arts and Avenida Acceso for inviting me to the show, I had a blast.

Roman Rojas / Yotuel Romero (Orishas)

Roman Rojas (Producer RR Media) and Yotuel Romero (Orishas band member) backstage after the show at Nokia Theatre in NYC.

Orishas concert 1

Orishas bringing down the house!

Orishas concert 2

Still rocking it! Amazing show!

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