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Seeking a Kidney Donor

March 23, 2010

I just learned that our deer friend and great singer Pepper Swinson is in urgent need for a kidney donor. Please pass this information along.  This is the text from the Ann Ruckert music blog regarding Pepper:

Today I learned that my dearest friend, Pepper Swinson, a great singer, is in jeopardy. I met her when she became ill with lupus and had to move East, leaving her wonderful career and home in Los Angeles. She had recorded and toured there with Boz Scaggs and recorded with The Brothers Johnson, produced by Quincy Jones. She has also toured with top groups including Wilson Pickett’s band.

The lupus attacked Pepper’s kidneys. After a five-year wait, doing self dialysis (a grueling, expensive process, that’s required four times a day) she received a healthy kidney that has lasted an astonishing 17 years.

Now, due to natural causes, that kidney is failing. This time, she will have to wait five to seven years unless a donor is found. Pepper had been teaching Spanish, Latin and was choral director at a theater arts high school in the Bronx. She has had to quit work in light of her illness.

I am asking for kidney donors. As someone who loves music and the folks who make music, Pepper has made major contributions to us all—with her teaching and being a spokesperson for the New York Organ Donors Network. She has given tirelessly. I am not a match and the two others who have offered are also not viable, so we have to make bigger circles. So if you can get the word out, 
God will smile.

Candidates for a kidney must be healthy and have an O Positive blood type. If you know of volunteers who fit this description, please contact Pepper at 914-355-5693 or 917-816-1549.

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